Going Wilde
by Bernard Harbor

I'm afraid it's all Covid again today as the Cabinet prepares to discuss new restrictions on kids' activities and the World Health Organisation says the new Omicron variant poses a very high risk. There's plenty more on all aspects of that story, including news that booster jabs seem to be helping.


Meanwhile, the Examiner reports that health workers are to be exempt from close contact rules limiting workplace attendance, and second-level teacher unions say measures aimed at alleviating substitute shortages are perpetuating unequal pay.  


Elsewhere, Supermac's is looking abroad for new staff, Sweden's Social Democrats have staged the quickest political come-back in living memory, and it's reported that landlords who've not upped the rent in recent years will be allowed to exceed new rent control caps.


Yesterday I listened to this excellent Guardian 'long read' on a new approach from climate deniers, which frames climate action in 'culture war' terms. Today I read this in the Independent's letters page.


Finally, you're pipe-dreaming if you're dreaming of a white Christmas. I'm not.


Oscar Wilde died this day in 1900, so Zen brings you Stephen Fry on ‘the love that dare not speak its name' from Brian Gilbert’s 1997 biopic.



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