Deal proposed
by Mehak Dugal

Kevin Callinan spoke to NewsatOne at RTÉ to discuss the deal proposed. This was picked up on the radio and TV broadcast of the same.


There was also extensive coverage of the proposals across RTÉ, the Times, Journal, Indo and Examiner


Our own Bernard Harbor made an appearance on Ireland AM earlier this morning and spoke to Midwest Radio yesterday, while SNA Linda O’Sullivan talks about the pay package in this piece in the Indo.

Meanwhile, the Government has been warned that Budget 2023 should be a “delicate balancing act” between protecting people who are most vulnerable to rising living costs and fuelling further inflation. The Irish Fiscal Advisory Council’s latest pre-Budget statement outlines the potential pitfalls the Department of Finance faces as it creates spending plans for the year ahead.

A report from commission on tax and welfare counsels significant reorientation of system, with a hike in wealth, property and inheritance taxes.

Journalists at Reach newspapers and websites are striking today after talks to resolve a pay dispute broke down. More than 1,150 journalists will take part in one of the most significant walkouts across the company's titles including The Mirror, Irish Star, and many more.


And this RTÉ piece highlights the Central Statistics Office's 'Inflation by Household' report, which confirms that those on lower incomes actually face a higher rate of inflation than the average, while those on higher incomes endured a lower-than-average increase.


Finally, cinemas across Ireland will celebrate National Cinema Day this Saturday, by selling tickets for every film they're showing for €4 per ticket. Every film, every time, every type of seat will cost the same for the whole day in cinemas across the country, with over 95% cinemas taking part in the initiative. So if you’ve got a movie - or four- in mind, Saturday’s the day!

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