Don't wade in THAT water
by Bernard Harbor

There's no let-up in the Budget speculation this morning. The Indo predicts that childcare bills could be cut by a quarter "within months," while the Times leads on energy supports for business. Roll on the 27th.


Meanwhile, Dáil members spent three hours talking about An Bord Pleanála's woes yesterday. Minister Darragh O'Brien promised TDs an overhaul of the senior hiring processes in the planning authority.


Overseas, French air traffic controllers are on strike today, Italy looks set to elect its first far-right leader since Mussolini, and Martin Wall finds himself back on the industrial relations beat as Joe Biden's administration brokers a strike-avoiding deal.


I should also mention that the World Bank fears we're edging towards a world recession.


We lost a lot of royalty while I was away over the last week. Wednesday saw the demise of the great jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis (click on the pic to hear him bringing gospel to the cocktail lounge, and check out his Winter Wonderland come December. Yes, Róisín, I did say December). And on Tuesday we lost that king of cinematic cool, Jean-Luc Godard. Here's the trailer from Breathless (1960) and here's the swimming pool executions scene from 1965's weird but effortlessly hip Alphaville. C'est votre Zen.



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