Our Communities Are Not For Sale
by Niall Shanahan

The Irish Examiner reports that Tusla is launching a new campaign seeking foster carers to take in separated children seeking international protection. Tusla says it is looking for "dedicated, open-minded, caring individuals and families who come from lots of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds because this is a diverse group of young people." There are 76 unaccompanied minors in the care of the Tusla at the moment, with 43 of those in family placements and 33 in residential care. 


Elsewhere, there's positive sentiment on the Covid front as its reported that the impact of vaccination among young people is driving optimism among senior Government figures and health chiefs that the level of Covid-19 infection in the country is on a downward trajectory


Brexit...yeah that. It hasn't gone away you know. Co-operation Ireland and the Institute of Irish Studies at the University of Liverpool have written an open letter calling on the UK and EU to work together with the Northern Executive and the Irish Government to deliver “balanced, bespoke and reasonable solutions” to the tensions caused by Brexit and the Northern Ireland protocol. The letter states that the “re-establishment of trust” between the UK and EU was “central to dialogue” and “imperative to the peace process”.


Finally, it's been announced that all plastic packaging waste, including soft plastics, can now be placed in household recycling bins. 




Now I'll open this by saying I was absolutely supporting the Dublin women yesterday in the All Ireland final. Nevertheless, it was not to be, and Meath put on a formidable display to claim the title. Today's Zen moment is theirs, with apologies to all those on the Hill, physically or spiritually.


Have a good week.





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