by Bernard Harbor

The hoped-for July 19th relaxation of Covid restrictions also features strongly across titles this morning, and the Times says the HSE will tell its staff they must disclose their vaccine status if asked.


Earlier, the Sindo front-paged its report that Money Minister Michael McGrath is to tell cabinet colleagues to stop using the Covid-19 pandemic to by-pass strict spending rules


Earlier still, Fórsa was quoted in this Saturday report about Aer Lingus's pathetic excuse for not attending the Labour Court on Shannon redundancies.


Elsewhere, the Government has cooked up plans to get 75,000 people back to work, Haiti's in crisis following the assassination of its president, and the four Dublin local authorities are leasing 1,000 social housing properties from investment funds. 


Today's Zen is a bit special although, at 17 minutes, it's also a bit long. That's because its 50 years today since the Australian Aboriginal flag first flew. Some just didgeridon't get it, but we didgeridoo.


That's it.




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