Viva Ronaldo
by Mark Corcoran

Fórsa's Global Solidarity Autumn School will take place tomorrow and Saturday (18th and 19th November) in Fórsa’s Head Office, Nerney’s Court. The event kicks off at 3:00pm and will feature panel discussions and guest speakers on topics including Ukraine, the fight for refugee justice and the rise of the far right. If you have not yet registered your attendance and would like to attend, please contact us here.


The number of people who have made allegations in relation to claims of abuse in Spiritan schools has risen to almost 300 hundred people.The Spiritans issued another apology to former school pupils who were the survivors of historical sexual abuse.


Toll prices are set to rise by almost 60% across the country following a decision to rise prices in line with inflation.The m50 will rise from 2:10 to 2:30 in the coming weeks.


The global head of taxi firm Free Now has indicated that there will be a shortage of taxis available this Christmas saying that it's 'unavoidable' due to a lack of drivers in Ireland.


The Government is to call in the Russian ambassador to give him its response "in no uncertain terms" to the imposition by Russia of sanctions on senior politicians over support for Ukraine.



Piers Morgan has called it the most watched sports interview in history. Here's part 1 of Cristiano Ronaldo's shocking tell-all discussion.


Full Cristiano Ronaldo Interview With Piers Morgan Part 1



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