What just happened?
by Niall Shanahan

The Communications Unit published a full set of divisional bulletins on Friday (3rd March). You can access them here: 

Here's a listen to what it says in the papers, leading with proposals to Cabinet to prioritise public transport, cycling and walking and provide viable alternatives to car use. In its coverage of that story, the Irish Times leads with a congestion charge of €10 for motorists and a 400% increase in parking charges


Over the weekend there was a media report on correspondence between Kevin Callinan and the head of the HSE. The message from Fórsa is that the processes required to advance the health reform agenda will become “unworkable” if a recommended pay increase to senior managers is not honoured.  Last week, the Oireachtas Health Committee  was told that health reform is not happening fast enough nor is there enough of it.


Elsewhere in weekend media, Kevin said income protection for workers is exceptionally weak in Ireland compared to the rest of the EU as Congress warned that some elements of proposed new pay-related welfare benefits could weaken income protections for low-wage and part-time workers. ICTU is to publish a policy paper on the issue, and has advised Government that State payments to workers during maternity, paternity, parental and sick leave should replace most of their pay.




As a neutral when it comes to the English Premiere League, I was nevertheless tuned into yesterday's extraordinary game at Anfield. As a Pats fan, I had some sympathy for such a heavy defeat, as Dundalk delivered something similar to us last Friday night. So, a health warning, including the highlights here won't be everybody's idea of a zen moment.


Have a glorious week.



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