Brexit, Britney and much that's old hat
by Bernard Harbor

Some Fianna Fáil TDs and senators have asked the Taoiseach to block Government plans to commercialise local employment services, the GRA has voted to accept Building Momentum, and public health officials are thinking of relaxing Covid-19 rules for school kids.


Fórsa has this update on the planned phased return to workplaces, RTÉ has this on England flouting the Northern Ireland Brexit protocol, and we all have more warnings of increased prices for food and everything else.


Elsewhere, the post-summer news offering seems a little tired already, with yet more on Coveney & Zappone, grade inflation, Covid admissions, and Sally Rooney's new book this morning. That said, there does seem to have been a breakthrough for Britney.


For those interested in British politics, here's Harry Lambert's excellent analysis of Labour's 20-year collapse. None of the party's last five leaders come out well in that New Statesman piece.     


Finally, and to lift the mood, Zen brings you peak Beach Boys under the direction of Brian 'play hard and strong always' Wilson. It's a good vibration, believe me.


Mind the buses.






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