One step at a time
by Mark Corcoran

On the final day of the ICTU conference in Belfast delegates discussed climate change and referenced the importance of the upcoming COP26 event in Glasgow. 


Kevin Callinan addressed the fastest-growing and most influential sector in our economy, the tech industry, and how it is one of the biggest challenges facing the global trade union movement. He commented that "one union alone can't take on the largest tech companies. It's crucial that a coordinated Congress approach is utilised."


Deputy General Secretary of Forsa, Eoin Ronayne, was a speaker at the 'peace and trade unions in Colombia' event, commenting on the first-hand challenges facing trade unions over there. 


While General Secretary of ICTU, Patricia King criticised the Government and the National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) for their hesitancy on offering booster jabs to frontline workers.


Several papers lead with the warning to parents that children should begin to cut down on extra curricular activities outside of school due to the surge in Covid-19 cases, as reported here.


The Irish Times highlights the hunger crisis taking place in Afghanistan with a picture in Kaboul with hundreds of people waiting for aid from the UN.


The Irish Daily Mail focuses on the cancellation of hospital appointments with 'hundreds' being cancelled weekly due to the rising Covid numbers.


The Irish Independent reports that The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) has dramatically increased its estimate of the impact of global corporate tax reforms on Ireland’s finances.

While breaking news this morning from the Business Post: Permanent TSB is hoping to reach a legal agreement with NatWest for the purchase of billions of euro of Ulster Bank assets within months.




Today is the birthday of Oscar winner Jaoquin Phoenix. In 2020, for his portrayal of the Joker he received his first Academy Award. In a sprawling acceptance speech that broke the internet he touched on social inequality, the cruelty of the food industry towards animals and systemic inequality. You can find the full speech by clicking here.


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