Look at the Mr Brightside
by Mark Corcoran

The Irish Examiner leads with the advice from Tony Holohan that older people should begin to restrict their social contacts again as Covid-19 deaths are set to surge in the coming weeks.


As clubs and pubs are set to re-open from midnight, The Independent reports that health officials are set to 'blitz' pubs and restaurants over the bank holiday weekend to ensure that Covid regulations are being followed.


As reported by the Examiner, Coastlines across Europe look set to become increasingly infested with bacteria that cause gastroenteritis, cholera, severe wound infections and even sepsis. The report, compiled by leading researchers from 38 academic institutions and UN agencies, tracks 44 indicators of health impacts that are directly linked to climate change. It warns the changing environment creates more favourable conditions for the transmission of many pathogens. 


Our head of communications, Bernard Harbor, spoke on The Pat Kenny show and Today FM's The Last Word on remote work. You can listen back to the interviews by clicking on the links above.



The IMF has said it's time to be cautious about a new global house prices boom in many countries including in Ireland, that is being fuelled by an unusual mix of increases in the costs of building materials and by mortgage rates at rock-bottom levels.In an interview, Prakash Loungani, assistant director at the IMF in Washington, said low interest rates and surging building materials costs amid the huge disruption that the Covid crisis had caused to global supply chains, were common factors helping to push house prices higher around the world. You can read the full story here.

AN investigation by The Irish Times found that Irish-based funds and banks were used by a group of hedge funds and traders to carry out a massive multibillion-euro financial fraud which targeted tax authorities in European countries. You can read the full story by clicking here.

Commenting on reforms contained in the Policing, Security and Community Safety Bill, Garda commissioner Drew Harris said that the proposed Garda oversight powers would be unconstitutional. 


Lastly, to celebrate the reopening of our nightclubs for the first time in almost two years I've decided to link one of  Coppers' most iconic tunes. Although there are certainly plenty to choose I've decided to go with this classic! Apologies for the pun...

The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Official Music Video)


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