The sad story of Laika
by Mark Corcoran

IBEC have warned that the econoy will slow next year as rising prices begin to hit consumer spending while the total annual tax revenue is set to hit a new all-time record of 80 billion.


Temperatures in Europe have risen at more that twice the global average over the past 30 years. The research published yesterday shows temperatures have risen by 1.5 degrees since 1991.


The housing charity Threshold has said evictions remain the largest issue facing private renters. The latest report shows how an average of 472 private renters a month, who were facing eviction, sought assistance from Threshold between July and September of this year.


North Korea unsuccessfully fired an intercontinental ballistic missile during a new salvo of launches, the South Korean military said, with the US urging all nations to enforce sanctions on Pyongyang.


New research by the Banking and Payments Federation of Ireland (BPFI) has suggested that higher energy bills are incentivising Irish households to improve home energy efficiency as they look to reduce fuel costs .



How one dog changed the world. On this day in 1957 a Russian dog named Laika was sent into space - plucked off the streets in Moscow the launch was designed to show that a living passenger could survive being thrust into orbit. It paved the way for furious protests across the world as there was no plans to rescue the pup. 


The Sad Story of Laika, the Space Dog



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