Polls and other news
by Bernard Harbor

Far from setting the pace, this survey (which quotes Fórsa) suggests the public service is now lagging behind on remote working. On the up-side, the Times has this lifestyle piece (which also quotes us) on the four-day week, and the Independent's business pages have this.


A Red C poll in yesterday's Business Post had 52% against tax cuts if they lead to lower public spending (that's pay-walled, but I can send you the cutting on request). But employers' group Ibec wants the opposite, and the Government looks set to follow


More poll news from the Journal finds a healthy majority blaming past governments for the housing crisis, as prices keep rising


And yet another poll reveals that workers are confused about their tax obligations and entitlements.


Overseas, Britain's probation services are returning to public control after a botched privatisation, France's far-right took another electoral blow over the weekend, and a legal net is tightening on the Trump Organisation.


Regarding Zen, we went to the flicks for the first time in over 18 months yesterday. Pure paradiso.



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