Here's looking at you
by Bernard Harbor

Speaking of Dáil committees, the HSE's Paul Reid has told one that 123,000 health staff have so far received Covid bonus payments. And, speaking of Blighty, there's more postal industrial action on the cards.


Meanwhile, this morning's Examiner looks into the increased funding for SNAs announced in Tuesday's budget.


Elsewhere on this very thin news day it's revealed that 'voluntary' school contributions will remain with us, the SDLP has abandoned its weird partnership with Fianna Fáil, and the Irish Times has this users' guide to the national childcare scheme (that's the 25% cut in costs).


And rap star Coolio of Gangsta's Paradise fame has passed away.


I've very much enjoyed doing the Digest. I'll sign off with this brilliant poetical Zen.


Mind the buses.



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