Forget yer shovel!
by Bernard Harbor

The Central Bank is predicting a late-2021 economic surge, but worries about the state of the public finances, as the row about indoor dining gathers pace.


The European justice commissioner says Ireland (alone) is not ready to introduce the EU digital Covid certificate, and the Indo reckons the Government is set to roll out rapid antigen testing despite NPHET's reservations.


Elsewhere, Fórsa's campaign for higher SNA qualification requirements was covered in the Times, rent caps in pressure zones are to be linked to inflation, and the health service is short of blood


Overseas, a belligerent Chinese Communist Party is 100 years old today, the Trump Organisation has reportedly been indicted for tax offences, and the German Green Party leader stands accused of plagiarism.  


Well. He may not be shy, but today he's retiring. Unencumbered by job evaluation schemes, promotional outlets, unpaid hours, overtime divisors and water works, our Peter is now free to devote his full and undivided attention to his true calling; the vocation that is Nolan Travel.


We hope you realise and enjoy all your retirement goals, and we wish you and Colette fun, health, happiness, and plenty of Zen along the way. 


Bon voyage, mate.



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