Diamonds in the rough
by Bernard Harbor

Anyway forget the planet, as the big story of the day is our sign-up to a global tax deal that waves bye-bye to Ireland's 12.5% corporate rate - for large companies at least. In copious comment, virtually everyone agrees this won't, after all, cause the economic sky to fall in. Phew!!!


Also on tax, the Indo splashes on Pension Commission proposals for employee PRSI liability to continue after age 66. It also says plans for PRSI hikes (to fund delays in the planned pension age increase) have been kicked to touch. The Journal has a different take on that, ICTU said this and the Commission's full report is available here.


In other news, the HSE has published a new waiting list plan, a rake of banks are closing for good, the rumble between the EU and Hungary's authoritarian regime is brewing nicely, and yet another poll finds that a big majority backs Michael D's decision not to attend a partition commemoration.


I was listening to Radio 3 while reading Tuesday's Digest when, by amazing coincidence, the presenter announced it was 60 years to the day since the release of Breakfast At Tiffney's. The Blake Edwards film, that is, not the Deep Blue Something song that Roísín was simultaneously Zen-celebrating. So let's segue to some of the best of Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard, ably abetted by Henry Mancini.


Mind the buses.



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