Middle of the road
by Bernard Harbor

The Covid numbers are moving up apace, with 5% of new cases involving fully vaccinated folk and hospitals preparing for the next surge. So keep that face-mask, sanitizer and washbasin in action. 


We also learn that Ireland had one of the world's strongest growth rates last year, Councillors' expenses are back in the frame, and those who pay and collect airport charges are at odds.


Meanwhile, the pol-cols have advice for Fianna Fáil and Labour.


In cyber-news, the Examiner tells us that over 80% of HSE servers are now decrypted, while the Guardian got its hands on secret Kremlin papers that appear to prove that Putin signed off on Russian efforts to get "mentally unstable" Donald Trump into the White House.  


The mega-charity gig of them all took place this weekend in 1985, when the amazing Chrissie Hynde exuded panache as she aced it beside a man with a hanky on his head. She must have had her Zen that morning. 


Lash on the sun screen, colleagues. Here comes the weekend.



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