A stitch in time?
by Bernard Harbor

Speaking of which, Ireland's Climate Change Advisory Council will today tell the Government it's doing too little to deal with the impact of climate change. Elsewhere, RTÉ looks at the causes of Europe's heat waves and wildfires, and Friends of the Earth Ireland's chief executive Oisín Coghlan has this opinion piece in the Irish Times


On public service pay, Tuesday's Morning Ireland interview with Kevin Callinan was picked up by the Examiner after yesterday's Digest went to print. Jack Horgan-Jones's Irish Times front-pager (also covered in yesterday's round-up) led to a flurry of calls to our Communications Unit throughout the day, and another outing for the general secretary - this time to Newstalk's Pat Kenny programme. Ann-Marie Walsh followed up with this in the Indo.


They do things differently next door where, yesterday, the British Government "announced" pay awards for various groups of public servants. The BBC's comprehensive guide is useful, but won't be the last word on the matter.


Meanwhile, the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission has voiced concerns about weak worker protections and anti-workplace discrimination measures here in Ireland. According to Brian O'Donovan's RTÉ piece, its report highlights the absence of a legal right to collective bargaining.


In other news, Gemma O'Doherty and John Waters will be encouraged by news that you and I will pick up the six-figure tab for their Covid denial stunt in the courts. 


Quickly moving on to Zen, the song many consider to be Dylan's best was released on 20th July 1965. Five days later, he performed Like A Rolling Stone at the Newport folk festival to a mixed reception. 


Enjoy the breeze.








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