Rules to win by
by Róisín McKane

The conviction of Aisling Murphy’s killer dominates the front pages this morning.


Fórsa’s Health and Welfare Division has announced that it will not be commencing with the proposed telephone bans that were due to kick off on Monday in the ongoing recruitment ban dispute, to allow for a WRC hearing on the 15th November 2023.


Israel has launched air strikes on or near at least three hospitals in Gaza today, further endangering a health system swamped with thousands of casualties and people displaced by the ongoing war. Meanwhile Iran has warned that the scale of civilian suffering caused by Israel's war on Hamas would inevitably lead to an expansion of the conflict.


Ireland's aviation policy has to date failed to create a level playing field for Ireland’s regional airports to flourish, a report on the economic impact of Shannon Airport on the Irish economy and the wider Mid West region has concluded.



Fleetwood Mac brings us zen. Their Tusk album marks it's 44th year this week. Here's the title track. 


Have a good weekend folks. 


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