Drastic plastic
by Bernard Harbor

The dawn delivers plenty of hand-wringing about next week's mooted easing of Covid restrictions, with speculation that vaccine certs for indoor hospitality will remain in place. The Journal has this explainer on the rising number of cases. 


The week's other big story brings the ESRI's assessment that the Budget will shield most from forecast price rises, though the purchasing power of lower earners will fall. And Charlie Weston confirms that improvements to remote working-related tax breaks won't kick in until next year.


Meanwhile, insurance companies are urged to lower premiums as personal injury payments plummet, Irish people have now donated over two million Covid vaccines to developing countries, and the HSE stands accused of keeping shtum about alleged sexual abuse in a Donegal care home.


Elsewhere,a number of titles report that Kieran Mulvey will mediate a row in the Irish Aviation Authority, house prices are romping ahead, and RTÉ has the SUSI grants system failing poorer students


Finally, the Irish Times has this obituary of the late, great trade unionist and all-round excellent guy Manus O'Riordan


Speaking of late and great, Zen today celebrates the birthday of the now sadly-deceased Nigerian musician and activist Fela Kuti. The 'Black President' pretty-much invented Afrobeat back before 'world music' was invented. His also-talented son Femi once played in Temple Street's St George's church during its brief period as a music venue. Here's the short version of my favourite.


That's it for this week.





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