Prisoner to poll winner
by Mehak Dugal

The Department of Education is to warn the Cabinet today of significant spending pressures driven by construction inflation of 21% and the impact of expanding services for special needs education and children fleeing the war in Ukraine.


Meanwhile, the Association of Secondary Teachers in Ireland (ASTI) has said some secondary schools are resorting to fundraising in an attempt to cope with rising energy costs.


The Examiner reports more than 27,000 people left Ireland’s emergency departments (ED) before being treated during a three-month period this year.


Elsewhere, Japan’s capital, Tokyo, began issuing certificates recognising same-sex couples today, becoming the largest municipality to do so in a country in which same-sex mar-riage is not allowed.

And Collins Dictionary has named “permacrisis” as its word of the year after a period which has seen people live through war, inflation, climate change and political instability. The word, defined as “an extended period of instability and insecurity”, is one of the several terms on the 2022 list which has seen increasing usage due to the ongoing crises across the world.

The annual 10-strong list also includes ‘partygate’, ‘Kyiv’ and ‘quiet quitting’.



As it’s the day after Halloween, it’s only right for the zen to be Christmas-themed. So, we have “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by  Mariah Carey as it already begins its climb up the Top 100 iTunes chart.


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