by Bernard Harbor

We're back on the Covid Delta-Skelter this morning. The Times reports that the 5th July reopening date is likely to be pushed out, but that travel restrictions are still on course for easing on 19th. The Indo has GPs seeking a three-week delay of indoor dining, while RTÉ focuses on the Taoiseach's pre-EU summit comments


In housing-cost news, the Examiner detects the return of Celtic Tiger-type bidding wars, as economist John Fitzgerald warns of a price surge over the next year-and-a-half. Meanwhile, Fine Gael calculates that Sinn Féin has opposed the building of 6,000 Dublin homes in total. (Here's the final list of runners and riders in the Dublin Bay South by-election, by the way).


In international news, the Journal has this on a new Teamsters campaign to organise Amazon workers Stateside, the Guardian laments the forced closure of Hong Hong's last independent newspaper, and UK minister David Frost reckons leave campaigners have been surprised by the post-Brexit slump in EU-UK relations (lol). 


Needless to say, every title covers the jailing of Cork child-abuser David Barry. 


Today's Gay-Zen applauds the San Francisco Gay Freedom Parade which, this day in 1978, first unveiled a rainbow flag to represent LGBTQ+ rights. A couple of months earlier, the Tom Robinson Band released this ball of anger at a time when corporate sponsorship of Pride events was still some way off. (If you've 25 minutes to spare over the weekend, check out Tom talking about the song and its historical context).


Have a good weekend.



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