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No love lost
by Bernard Harbor

Hello everyone.


It may be Valentine's day but the honeymoon's already over for the not-yet-a-government, as CE supervisors and section 39 workers demonstrate today. Fórsa's Gillian Byrne features in the Irish Times.

There's no love lost between FF and SF this morning either, with prospects of a not-so-grand coalition or another election growing. On the plus side, Michael Lowry stands ready to help.


In local news, Dublin City Council hasn't given up on plans for a new library and cultural space in Parnell Square, while more kids are presenting at the hospital next door.


Meanwhile, it's all hearts and flowers for compliant rookies in Boris Johnson's new cabinet.


Elsewhere the GRA executive has jilted its thoroughly-decent general secretary, Antarctic love birds are feeling the heat, and two hearts aren't beating as one in the financial sector where women earn 25 grand less than men.


Zen-wise, Too Much Too Young hit the top spot 40 years ago this week. Nuff said.


That's it for this week.