A load of bull
by Bernard Harbor

The coalition's 'compromise' on agriculture's greenhouse gas emissions has dissatisfied everyone, including me. It lets the high-emitting farming sector off the hook and effectively accepts that Ireland won't meet it's legally-binding 2030 climate action targets. Bad day for the Green Party.


Another rise in energy prices from profitable companies is also hard to take. The Times says the latest round of hikes could bring annual family bills up to an eye-watering €4,700, and the Guardian has this on Shell's £10 billion (yep, billion) profit in the three months (yep, months) between April and June.  


Elsewhere, there's a new package of supports for disadvantaged students, work permit changes are planned, and housing minister Darragh O'Brien has taken possession of a report on An Bord Pleanála allegations without impressing the Examiner, which has led the pack on this story.


Overseas, the global economic clouds continue to gather as the USA teeters on the edge of a technical recession, Keir Starmer's picket policy provokes a parliamentary backlash, and Ukrainian forces are mounting an effective counter-offensive in the south of their country.


Finally Stephen Collins serves up an interesting slice of political history concerning Tom Johnson's Labour Party.


Today's Zen is inspired by my trip to see Patti Smith at the London Palladium last Sunday. She was more excellent than I expected and the fabulous Nadine Shah was also on the bill. Here's a great video of the latter performing Club Cougar live in studio.


Enjoy the bank holiday. We're back in September, but we'll keep you posted if the silly season throws up anything important. 



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