Joyeux Quatorze Juillet
by Mark Corcoran

Fórsa has welcomed the outcome of a review by UCD’s School of Education Teaching and Learning Committee, that the national online training programme for SNAs meets the standards of a NFQ Level 7 certificate. Our SNA's and staff have been working tirelessly to increase the minimum essential quallifications for SNA's. You can read our full special bulletin here.


Support for the Coalition Government has slumped even further this month according to the Irish Times. In a poll conducted by the Times, The Government's rating has fallen by 12 points. Fianna Fáil has dropped by three points since the last poll in April while Sinn Féin have risen by three points. Fine Gael also dropped four points leaving them with their lowest rating ever since 1994.


Emergency and essential workers will be given special access to a network of 130 service stations across the country in the case of a sever shortage of fuel. The plans are considered to be 'worst-case scenarios' with Government officials also exploring a 'limit' on sales to non-essential workers in the future.


The State has run out of accommodation for new Ukrainian refugees and asylum seekers with the Citywest facility in west Dublin reaching full capacity. Taoiseach Micheál Martin will meet senior ministers on Thursday to discuss the situation and “review the current policies and processes,” a Government spokeswoman has said. 


A significant High Court ruling means heavily indebted farmers can avail of personal insolvency arrangements (PIAs) to avoid the forced sale of their land. The decision has major implications for how banks and vulture funds deal with farmers, most of whom are asset-rich but cash-poor. The court found that a farmer with debts of €1.1m could be considered insolvent and therefore eligible for a PIA even though his farm was worth €1.8m. You can read more here.


A new hospital has officially opened in Spain, with dedicated use for treating patients on long public waiting lists in Ireland, as part of a major new healthcare agreement. The new 64-bed hospital is Hospital HCB Dénia in Costa Blanca, Alicante. Patients will be treated under the EU Cross Border Directive, whereby the Health Service Executive covers the price of treatment up to the cost it would be in Ireland. Around 1,500 Irish patients will get routine planned surgeries each year at the facility. 




My favourite artist, Jon Bellion, released to the public some of his live lockdown performaces on Tuesday. The New York born producer is unlike most modern artists with an incredible passion for improvisation and bringing talented people into a room together. He regularly writes songs for Justin Bieber and other artists, most recently he recorded 'Holy' and 'Anyone' for Bieber. Here's a look at one of his open sessions recorded LIVE:



jonbellion on Twitter: "BLU (COVE CITY LIVE)" / Twitter








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