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Consider carefully who will form the next Government – IMPACT president
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Consider carefully who will form the next Government – IMPACT president
Jerry King urges members to consult online election guide.

IMPACT president Jerry King has asked members throughout the country to “consider carefully” which party or parties form the next government after Friday’s general election. In a letter sent to all IMPACT branch secretaries last Friday (19th February), he urged members to consult IMPACT’s Guide to General Election 2016 and examine how each of the parties responded to the union’s questions.

Jerry, who works in library services with Mayo County Council, said that it is “absolutely appropriate” that IMPACT has no affiliation to any political party. He added “On February 26th we have an opportunity and an obligation, I feel, to vote in a way that will inevitably shape our future terms and conditions, as well as our capacity to deliver excellent public services.

“Emerging from a crisis caused by greed, corruption and lack of proper regulation, our society faces huge choices about job creation, health, housing, education and other public services. It’s crucial to remember we have choices now in a way that has not existed for eight years.

“As a union we stand together, unashamedly, on the side of efficient, organised and well-funded public services. As voting members we must make choices too,” he said.

Jerry added that it was important now to look beyond who will be elected into the Dáil, and consider carefully who will form the next Government, “because they will be, for the vast majority of IMPACT members, our new employer.

“For us, the crucial questions are: who do we want to be dealing with for the next five years as we negotiate for further pay restoration? Who do we want in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform? Who amongst the parties understands public services best and the people who provide them?” he said.

Jerry asked members to take the time to read through the parties' answers before they cast their vote.

You can read Jerry’s letter HERE

Check out IMPACT’s guide to the general election HERE

The Irish Association of Pension Funds (IAPF) has extracted some of the main pension issues highlighted in the various parties manifestos. Click HERE to view.

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