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by Martina O'Leary

IMPACT has launched its campaign to defend the ‘hidden heroes’ of our health service. The initiative unveils the vital role that all staff play in delivering quality health services.


IMPACT national secretary Eamonn Donnelly said the campaign is a response to the popular view that health service delivery only involves so-called ‘front-line’ workers.


“There are no front-line services without proper backroom teams and support. Many of our members work in those critical backroom teams. They are the hidden heroes of our health services and it’s time to acknowledge that,” he said.


Maura Cahalan, who chairs IMPACT’s Health and Welfare division, says there are many more hidden heroes too. “We have a lot of members working in medical records, accounts, central referrals, and many other vital areas. The public don’t see them, but they are essential cogs in the service,” she says.


Watch the ‘hidden heroes’ videos here.




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