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Happy holidays to all our readers
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Zero-hours ban is progress
History as IMPACT meets Ryanair
Happy holidays to all our readers
by Bernard Harbor


This is the very last IMPACT members’ ebulletin you’ll be able to read. With the formation of the new union Fórsa, you’ll be receiving an improve communications service from January, as we’ll be producing separate ebulletins tailored to members working in the civil service, education, health, local authorities and the services and enterprises sector. So you’ll be receiving stories specifically relevant to you.


The New Year will also see IMPACT’s Work & Life magazine replaced by a new quarterly Fórsa publication. This will be produced by your Communications Unit with welcome contributions from communications staff form the CPSU and PSEU – the unions that are amalgamating with IMPACT to form the new union.


We’ve enjoyed working on this publication for you, and very much look forward to delivering an even better news service from next January.


This has been a particularly notable year for IMPACT and its members, with the negotiation of a new pay deal, the publication of legislation that will eventually see the end of the hated ‘FEMPI’ legislation, the creation of a new union, and the first ever meeting between trade union reps and Ryanair management.


We look forward to reporting on more momentous stories – plus the news that impacts on your workplace, sector or locality - in the New Year.


In the meantime, a very happy Christmas to all our readers from the editors and contributors to the IMPACT members’ ebulletin. And spare a thought for the many IMPACT members who’ll be working to deliver services – in the public service, community and voluntary sector, semi-states and private companies – over the holiday period.

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