In Brief: DEASP
by Des Fagan

Fórsa reps were recently told that the DEASP communications unit was to be relocated to the office at 77 Gardiner Street in Dublin.  An advance party has been relocated and management has outlined its objective of relocating all former roles undertaken in the Sligo communications and customer service unit.


No timeline for the completion of the move has been finalised as it depends on the ability of PAS to provide staff to fulfil roles in Dublin.


Managers, including HR managers, are to visit staff in the communications unit to advise directly on relocating and reassigning staff affected by the move.


A union request that some consideration be provided to show appreciation for the co-operation provided by staff in the interim period was not accepted by management. The union intends to visit members following the visit by management. It was noted that the translation service and the switch would remain in Sligo.


Meanwhile, the union has arranged to meet staff in the post section of the Longford head office to discuss recent changes to duties and health and safety concerns.


Fórsa has also agreed to participate in an ‘engagement and innovation’ project to provide assurances to staff who are being required to move to the second floor of Aras Mhic Dhiarmuida. Staff have concerns over health and safety and working conditions on a floor with a proposed level of over 80 staff.


Finally, the back office pilot is now being introduced in the Galway local office. The union is arranging to meet members in Galway to listen to concerns regarding training and staffing. Meanwhile the pilot continues in the Ballina office, Bishop Square in Dublin, and King’s Inns Street in Dublin.

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