New advice on self-isolating workers

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) has issued new advice on what employees should do if they have to go into self-quarantine or self-isolation as a result of the Covid-19 virus.


Staff must telephone their manager before 10am on the first day of self-quarantine or self-isolation to give an update on their situation.


They will have to say what medical advice they are acting on. This could be advice from a GP, the HSE, a hospital or another medical source, which must be specified.


If the worker is well, and undertaking these measures as a precaution, they will be asked to work from home where possible.


They may then be asked to sign a self-declaration on return to work, including written confirmation of the details outlined above.


If a staff member can’t get in touch with their manager, they are advised to contact another manager in their area or the HR team. In rare situations where neither are possible, they are advised to make a note of the date and times of calls made, and to continue to try get in touch with management.


It is important to note that public service employees applying for special leave with pay must comply with these provisions. They cannot also claim DEASP Covid-19 illness benefit.


Failure to comply with these measures may result in disciplinary action.


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