PRSL and sick leave explained
by Rory Hogan and Hazel Gavigan

A flyer explaining public service pregnancy related sick leave (PRSL) has been produced by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform in response to a request from Fórsa for further clarity on the issue.


It explains that where ordinary sick leave rules apply, workers have access to 183 days of paid leave in a rolling 4-year period. This is broken down to 92 days at full pay, and 91 days at half pay. However, on certified PRSL employees will never receive less than half pay.


If PRSL is exhausted, ‘extended’ PRSL would then be granted at half pay. This is not counted on sick leave record.


In circumstances where someone qualifies for Critical Illness Protocol (CIP), they would be entitled to paid sick leave of 365 days (183 days at full pay and 182 days at half pay) in a rolling 4-year period.


After maternity leave if all ordinary sick leave is exhausted and the CIP threshold is met, access to the equivalent number of days taken on PRSL subject to the 4-year sick leave threshold is granted. This does not include the ‘extended’ period of certified PRSL at half pay as this is not counted on your sick leave record. Once maternity leave has ended, any further sick leave will not be recorded as PRSL.


To find out more about access to PRSL, please refer to the relevant circular/administrative arrangements for your sector and/or contact your HR Unit/Manager/Department who will advise on what’s available.

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