Climate conference calls for ‘just transition’ forum
by Diarmaid Mac a Bhaird

The first meeting of Fórsa’s just transition network will take place in the union’s office in Nerney’s Court, Dublin 1, at 10.00am on Friday 24th May. The union will be supporting the latest ‘schools strike for climate,’ which takes place later that day.

Meanwhile, unions have called for a ‘just transition’ forum to alleviate job losses resulting in Bord Na Mona’s plans to move from peat production to carbon-free products, according to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU).


Its ‘Building a Just Transition’ conference, held in Tullamore at the end of last month, heard urgent calls for a forum for the midlands to identify measures and supports for workers and communities affected by Bord Na Mona’s restructuring.


The conference was chaired by Marie Sherlock and Fórsa’s Senior General Secretary Designate Kevin Callinan, who said that lessons needed to be learned from the situation facing workers in Bord Na Mona.


“These workers and their communities are being asked to make a huge sacrifice in response to the threat posed by climate change. The Government simply isn’t doing enough to support these workers by implementing policies to mitigate their sacrifices, despite committing to do so under the terms of the 2015 Paris agreement,” he said.


Unions in Ireland and abroad have strongly backed moves towards a carbon-free economy in response to the climate crisis. But they say workers and communities most affected by the transition should be protected as part of the process.


ICTU General Secretary Patrica King said that taking action on climate change was no longer an optional policy extra for the Government.


“Just transition is about seizing new opportunities and sharing the benefits of change, through creating better jobs, better social protection, more training opportunities and greater job security for all those affected by global warming and climate change policies,“ she said.


To participate in Fórsa’s just transition network, or to join the union delegation on 24th May, contact

Get more information on the ICTU conference HERE.

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