Today’s webinar explores future of work
by Róisín McKane

The final session in Fórsa’s summer series of webinars on campaigning issues takes place at 1pm today (Friday 31st July), when a panel of experts discuss the future of work.


The lunchtime webinar will hear from Andrew Barnes, the founder of New Zealand business Perpetual Guardian, which pioneered the introduction a four-day week last year. The company employs over 250 people.


He’ll be joined by Antonia Bance of the UK’S Trade Union Congress, Orla O’Connor of the National Women’s Council, and Fórsa official Joe O’Connor. Joe chairs the Four Day Week Ireland campaign, which is made up of unions, employers, environmental groups and NGOs.


You can join the webinar HERE at 1pm. 


Our experts will explore the impact of Covid-19 on perceptions of the future of work, and discuss how can we shape a new and better world of work.


Designed to equip the union’s senior activists with the skills and tools to lead local campaigns, the summer series offers opportunities to discuss and debate on some of the pressing issues of interest to Fórsa activists across a range of economic, social, equality and environmental topics.


Be sure to follow the event on Twitter using the hashtag #FórsaSummerSeries.


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