UN rep praises ICTU housing charter
by Bernard Harbor

The United Nations’ special rapporteur on the right to housing has praised the Irish Congress of Trade Unions’ Charter for Housing Rights, saying it “concretises” the key elements of her global campaign on the right to housing.


Speaking at a meeting with ICTU’s Housing Committee last week, which was led by Fórsa deputy general secretary and ICTU vice-president Kevin Callinan, Leilani Farha said the Irish unions’ charter might be used as an international model.


Ms Farha is working to build a worldwide campaign on the right to housing, which will involve local authorities, NGOs, civil society housing groups, and trade unions. Kevin said: “The view that housing is a human right underpins the campaign, which is in line with the approach adopted by Fórsa and other Irish unions.”


Ms Farha asked ICTU to promote the charter model in its European and international networks as part of the effort to build a global campaign on the right to housing. “She spoke positively about future cooperation with Congress, and agreed in principle to officially endorse the Charter,” said Kevin.


During her short time in Ireland, Ms Farha also addressed the Oireachtas Committee on Housing, where she warned of the increasing commodification of housing and the resultant destruction of communities. She said governments should take a key role in the provision of public housing.


Read the ICTU Charter for Housing Rights HERE.


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