Brexit threat to jobs and incomes
by Diarmaid Mac a Bhaird
Fórsa has renewed its commitment to tackle threats to jobs and living standards arising from Brexit. The union’s national conference in Kerry adopted motions on the issue from its Donegal Local Government and Sligo Health and Local Government branches.
Irene Tiernan from the Sligo branch said people in border regions were concerned because of the effect it will have on their everyday lives. “Many people working in my area travel across the border on a daily basis, and they are really worried about the prospect of a hard border,” she said.
Speaking on behalf of the union’s national executive, Fórsa senior general secretary Shay Cody said that the motions reflected concerns of people throughout Ireland. “The motions being proposed by the Donegal Local Government and Sligo Health and Local Government branches demonstrate the concern of people living in border areas,” he said.
Shay also committed to continue Fórsa’s close co-operation on the issue with the British Trade Union Congress (TUC), and Fórsa’s broader activity and lobbying on Brexit.
Last year, the union hosted two important seminars on Brexit. A national conference focussed on its impact on the food and agriculture sector, while an event in Donegal considered cross-border issues.
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