Budget priorities laid out
by Diarmaid Mac a Bhaird

A pre-budget submission, calling for increased funding for public services and measures to alleviate the housing crisis has been published by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU).


The paper, “Building a shared and sustainable future,” recommends greater healthcare and education funding, the establishment of a public affordable housebuilding scheme, greater investment in a just climate transition, and the establishment of a Brexit adjustment fund.


It argues that increased public spending is necessary to enhance infrastructure, while warning that tax cuts could result in overheating and harm the economy in the long-run.


It also suggests several progressive measures to raise revenue and fund greater public service investment. These include raising employers PSRI on incomes over €100,000, reforms to capital accusation tax, a higher excise tax on diesel, and a new tax on single use plastics.


The paper cites a number of risks to the Irish economy including Brexit, the climate crisis, precarious work and inequality and the housing and homelessness emergencies.


Other recommended measures include addressing Ireland’s two-tier health system, enhancements to planned pension reforms, and a greater policy emphases on Irish small and medium businesses, rather than US multinationals.


Read the submission HERE.

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