Civil Service Mobility Scheme
by Derek Mullen

Members will now have been notified that phase 1A of the Civil Service Mobility Scheme will begin from the 10th September with offers of mobility / transfer, subject to the suitability criteria and terms and conditions which we have agreed.


Fórsa welcomes the start of the scheme comprehending COs and EOs, which has been a long time in negotiation. It was delayed this year while we dealt with important adjustments to the suitability criteria, which we believe will be beneficial to members. We also expect to begin discussions shortly on the next phases, with particular focus on Dublin and HEO mobility.


The Mobility Team has issued a note reiterating the following important information:

  • Offers will be initially facilitated through an off-system/manual process, at our request, as the Mobility Team in DPER finalises the technical changes to reconfigure the Mobility System / Portal.
  • Applicants will be notified that they are being considered for a mobility offer in advance of a suitability assessment, which will be completed by their Local HR. At this point, if they do not wish to proceed with a mobility move, applicants will have an opportunity to cancel their application for the organisation. Applicants should note that cancellation of an application will result in all applications for this organisation in the same zone being cancelled.
  • Where an offer of mobility is made, an applicant will have five working days to accept an offer. A decline of an offer or a non-response at this stage will result in all applications to the same zone being cancelled. However, we have agreed that those members who are only interested in one organisation/location combination within a zone and who have a transfer legacy date for that specific organisation/location can receive offers just for that organisation/location combination within a zone and will not face being removed from the waitlist by virtue of turning down another location within that zone.


With effect from 10th September 2018, offers of transfer will no longer be made through the following transfer mechanisms;

  1. Central Transfer Lists / CAF
  2. Internal Regional Transfer Lists;
  3. Head to Head Transfers.


Note: Any transfers that are currently in progress under one of the mechanisms above are not affected by this timeline.

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