Fórsa supports Myanmar and its workers
by Mehak Dugal

Fórsa has expressed solidarity with the people of Myanmar, and given its full support to the campaign to stop the military-led State Administration Council (SAC) from gaining recognition as the country’s government at the 76th UN General Assembly.


The union also unequivocally backed the call for immediate release of trade unionists currently being unlawfully detained for opposing the violent oppression and campaigning for democracy and freedom for the people of Myanmar.


Along with unions around the world, Fórsa called for the recognition of the legitimate government of Myanmar, which was elected last November.


It said it rejects the military-led State Administration Council, and instead backed the call to have the National Unity Government (NUG) recognised as the legitimate government of Myanmar.


The trade union movement in Myanmar has bravely and successfully campaigned to reject the credentials of the SAC at the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in June. The ILO – made up of representatives of governments, business and workers – adopted a resolution calling for a return to democracy and respect for fundamental rights in Myanmar.


The crucial victories by the union-led movement are imperative to effectively fight the military rule and must be continued, Fórsa has said


The union also commended the efforts of health workers in Myanmar. They are battling the unprecedented demands of the global health pandemic, while also opposing the regressive regime and campaigning for human rights.


You can view the union’s solidarity message on the official message board here.


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