Survey highlights benefits of being retired Fórsa member
by Diarmaid Mac a Bhaird

A survey of 590 Fórsa members over the age 60 has highlighted the benefits of being a retired Fórsa member. Almost two-thirds (62.2%) of respondents said they intended to continue their Fórsa membership after retirement.

The email survey was distributed to Fórsa members over the age of 60.


Fórsa official Joe O’Connor says that the findings of the survey are positive, but that there was work to do to improve awareness of the benefits of being a retired member.


“Keeping involved in the union’s work, in addition to campaigning and social engagements, were central to so many people retaining their membership after retirement. Retirement is a time when people’s lives change and remaining involved with the union appears an attractive option for people who are at that stage,” he said.


Joe said there is scope to increase the number of retired members, and that a recruitment drive would facilitate making improvements to current benefits and adding new ones.


Respondents to the survey said they would be interested in increased services, such as access to a pension’s consultant, financial advice and pre-retirement planning courses or seminars.


Other suggestions included providing information on budgetary and legislative changes relevant to retired members and an increased number of services especially dedicated to retired members.


Joe said the next step is to make use of the survey’s findings. “Just over a third of respondents expressed an interest in participating in further research to consider the current working of the programme, so that could be the next phase of the project.”   

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