Domestic subsistence rates to rise
by Bernard Harbor

The standard domestic subsistence ‘day rates’ paid to civil servants who are out of the office on business are to increase by 10% from Monday (1st July). Now that the changes are officially sanctioned in the civil service, they will be rolled out in non-commercial semi-state bodies and other parts of the public sector.

The ‘five hour rate’ is to increase from €14.01 to €15.41, while the ‘ten-hour rate’ goes up from €33.61 to €36.97.

The changes come on foot of a regular union-management review of the rates, which takes account of inflation in cafes, restaurants, takeaways and fast food outlets, plus – for the overnight rate only – accommodation costs.

No increase is sanctioned if the relevant consumer price index-measured increases come in below 5%. This means there is no increase in overnight rates because inflation in accommodation costs – which make up the lion’s share of the calculation – were relatively low.

Read the civil service circular HERE.

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