Job evaluation industrial action - your questions answered

A Chairde,


As we head into the next phase of our industrial action calling for job evaluation in Local Authorities, we are sharing with you an updated FAQ to answer any questions you might have in the days ahead. The 24-hour email ban will take place this Friday 22nd September, beginning at 00.01am running until 23.59pm. This will include sending of, and responding to, all emails, internal and external. In the FAQ we have included a sample ‘out of office’ automatic reply, which you might consider using. You can download a PDF of the FAQ document HERE.


To date, there has been no third-party intervention and employers have not signalled their willingness to return to the WRC. To that end, we must make the most of the next round of planned actions. So far there have only been a small number of local derogation requests, and there have been no national requests for derogations. Fórsa is ready to discuss derogation requests for emergency or critical cover. We are encouraging branches to ensure that housing and homeless derogation requests that are critical in nature are accommodated and prioritised.


We have been encouraged by the messages of support we have received and an increase in new member applications. Please continue to ask your colleagues who are not yet members of the union to join, to ensure we have strength in numbers, and that they can benefit from the protection of the union. If you have questions which are not addressed in the FAQ you can contact your local branch, or email


Is mise le meas,


Richy Carrothers

National Secretary

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