Divisional conference set for April
by Sean Carabini

Fórsa is continuing the long-established tradition of putting members and branches at the centre of policy formation and decision-making. The tried and trusted mechanism for doing this is the union delegate conference, and the biennial Fórsa Civil Service divisional conference (CSDC) will take place in Killarney on 19th and 20th April. 


Fórsa has a biennial conference cycle, primarily to ensure that decisions on issues of relevance to a division are made by branches in that division. In the normal course of events, a civil service divisional conference will take place one year with a national conference, incorporating all Fórsa divisions, taking place the following year.


This year will be the exception. Given the need get the union’s elected officers are in place, and to deliberate on national issues, a national conference will also take place this year. Details will issue to branches separately.


Every Fórsa branch with members in the civil service is entitled to send one or more delegates to the April divisional conference, with larger branches entitled to send proportionately more delegates.


Motions and nominations for the preliminary agenda must be received by 12 noon on 1st February. The preliminary agenda will issue to branches on 22nd February, and any amendments from branches must be received by 8th March. The final agenda goes to branches on 5th April.

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