Midlands progress on workforce plans
by Bernard Harbor

Library workforce plans have been agreed in Longford and Offaly county councils, which were both awaiting departmental sanction as this bulletin went to press. The union continues to discuss some implementation issues with management in Longford, while certain health and safety issues and the introduction of family-friendly arrangements are to be discussed with Offaly management later this week.


Fórsa official Shane Lambert says the union has successfully managed some issues with My Open Library in Offaly, where staff were being asked to remain on site when libraries were in ‘staffless’ mode.


The union is also close to agreement on libraries workforce planning in Laois, which Shane expects will deliver opportunities as new posts are created over the next two years. Separately, the union was holding a general meeting of members in the county council to discuss difficulties over flexitime and time-off-in-lieu policy as this report went to press.

Meanwhile, a review of municipal districts is underway in Westmeath, where the union has told management that no significant change should take place in advance of consultation and engagement with the union. This is required under various national agreements.

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