Promoted COs union subs call
by Bernard Harbor

Civil service clerical officers who win promotion to a higher grade are being urged to change their union subscription deduction details too.


The union has successfully worked to increase the number of promotions and many clerical officers are securing promotions to higher grades. This is a welcome development, but it means those who are promoted must change their subs instruction because the cost of being a Fórsa member changes with your promotion.


Fórsa general secretary Eoin Ronayne explains: “Clerical officers pay a 1% subscription because they enjoy extra medical and dental benefits. But when they are promoted, they move to the lower 0.8% rate, which required them to individually authorise their department to change the subs deduction.”


The union is urging civil service payroll shared services to accept authorisation from Fórsa in such circumstances. But right now it is insisting that authorisation must come from the staff member rather than the union.


Members in this situation should, therefore, contact the payroll service and authorise a change from ‘Fórsa 3’ to ‘Fórsa 1’ rate from the date their promotion becomes effective.


A change of employment DAS form is available on the Fórsa website. This may help in advising Fórsa and your employer of your change in grade employment.

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