Fórsa executive meets for first time
by Bernard Harbor

The Fórsa National Executive Committee met for the first time on 18th January. Writing to the union’s branches afterwards, the three Fórsa joint presidents said it was an historic occasion, made possible by several years of hard work by the combined executives and activists of our three former unions.

The three joint presidents – Ann McGee, Niall McGuirk and Pat Fallon – will be in office until new executive officers are elected at Fórsa’s first national conference in May.

They said the new union’s rich diversity was evident at the executive meeting. “We have spent a lot of time and effort to create this exciting new union. Now the real work has started. We look forward to working with every branch and activist to ensure that this force for good is one to be reckoned with. We can confidently anticipate the challenges that lie ahead,” they wrote.

The presidents said the first executive meeting was characterised by a determination to work together to use the union’s collective strength to protect and enhance the interests of every group of members.

“While taking pride in the rich legacies of our three founding unions, we firmly believe that, as the strongest and most influential trade union voice in the civil and public service, voluntary organisations, and the semi-state sector, Fórsa can deliver much more for its members, their communities, and the many thousands of workers who have yet to join our union,” they said.

An oversight committee, consisting of Niall, Ann and Pat, has been established to deal with any concerns or thoughts that members want to share.

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