Fórsa retired members stay active
by Bernard Harbor

Former members of Fórsa, or the three unions that amalgamated to create the new union, can maintain their union membership and enjoy a range of financial and other benefits including continued participation in union campaigns and events.

The union has a retired members’ vocational group, which deals solely with the issues that affect former members. Continued union membership – at an affordable cost – gives retired members a voice on issues that affect them and their families. This is vital at a time when incomes and services are under pressure and the number of older people in Ireland is growing all the time.

Fórsa’s retired members’ vocational group campaigns to protect and enhance retired workers’ income and security, and advocates for better services for older people.

Retired colleagues continue to be members of the union branch they retired from, so they can keep contact with friends after retirement. Many branches and retired members’ groups organise social events.

How do I Join

The union subscription is either €8 per month (payable by bank standing order) or 0.4% of your pension (deducted at source, where employers provide this facility).  Regardless of the method of payment, the fee does not exceed €96.00 euro per year.

Financial benefits for retired members include:

€5,000 personal accident insurance
€5,000 critical illness or death benefit
€5,000 death of a spouse/qualifying partner
Evacuation or repatriation expenses of up to €250,000 for members who die or are seriously ill abroad
Free legal help in bodily injury cases
Free 24/7 legal advice helpline
Free 24/7 confidential counselling helpline
Free 24/7 domestic assistance helpline.


Retired members can also opt-in to Fórsa-facilitated financial benefits on car insurance, home insurance and travel insurance.  Retired members can also avail of our group discount scheme for online shopping.


Contact rnolan@forsa.ie for more information.


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