WRC wants flexi pilot by May
by Bernard Harbor

The oversight body that monitors the implementation of public service agreements has said it wants a pilot flexitime system in place in Roscommon county council in time for the May and June flexi periods.


In a letter to unions and employers involved with the longstanding row over the county’s refusal to allow staff the same flexitime rights as those in other local authorities, the chair of the oversight body also clarified its understanding of how a flexitime system should work, saying it “is generally applicable, but is subject to restriction or limitation on occasions when required by work peaks or flows.”


Fórsa sees this as significant because the Roscommon county manager has sought to all-but-abolish flexitime on the basis that a business case must be made for each individual flexi request.


The oversight body also said it believed that the differences between the union and management were surmountable.


Fórsa official Padraig Mulligan welcomed the oversight body’s conclusions. “We look forward to working with Roscommon council and the Local Government Management Association to finally resolve our significant, but not insurmountable differences,” he said.

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