In Brief: Revenue
by Derek Mullen

Revenue promotion talks continue


The method of shortlisting for interviews in Revenue and other large civil service departments is featuring strongly in discussions between Fórsa and management on the type of promotion systems to be used in future.


The union is opposing the use of psychometric testing in the shortlisting process as outcomes from earlier competitions indicate that it may introduce discrimination, particularly on age grounds.


Fórsa is awaiting management proposals on a range of options for shortlisting in large-volume competitions, following a recent meeting with management. The union’s preferred option is for preliminary interviews, as happened in the most recent competition for executive officers. But management has so far refused this on the grounds that it’s too time consuming in some cases.


Enforcement staff


Meanwhile, the difficulty with filling posts in Dublin Port has emerged as one of a number of issues for customs enforcement staff in Revenue. Management has proposed a once-off interdepartmental competition to widen the pool of available candidates, following an earlier decision to open enforcement posts to staff on probation. The posts carry an allowance.


The enforcement sub-committee of the union’s Revenue national committee will consider the matter this month.


Vehicle monitoring


Discussions on vehicle monitoring have also resumed. A monitoring system for enforcement vehicles, which management is introducing, is causing concern to members who drive these vehicles. The use to which management puts the various reports that the system can produce is of particular concern.


While management says it is primarily concerned about health and safety and fuel efficiency, the union has raised data protection issues and the potential for such reports to be used in disciplinaries.

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