Pre-Haddington Road hours
by Sean Carrabini

We’ve received a number of queries about our report on the opportunity for civil servants to opt to revert to pre-Haddington Road hours, which appeared in the last Fórsa News Bulletin (18th January 2018).


In relation to the permanency of the reversion, members should note that section 2.12.2 of the Public Service Stability Agreement says the opportunity is: “to permanently revert to the pre-Haddington Road Agreement hours.” The agreement does not make any provision for altering this.


The new pattern is calculated in the same manner as a worksharing option. In this case, a member who works 41 hours per week works an annual total of 43.25 hours x 52.18 days. This equates to 2256.785  hours per annum. Those who opt to return to the Pre-Haddington Road hours will work 41 hours per week – or 2139.38 hours per annum. This equates to 94.797% which, when rounded, becomes a 95% worksharing pattern.

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