MEPs urged to back low pay move
by Bernard Harbor

Fórsa has appealed to Ireland’s MEPs to voice support for a proposed EU directive, which aims to improve minimum pay across the continent by supporting collective bargaining.


In a letter to the State’s 11 MEP’s the union’s general secretary Kevin Callinan said Fórsa would publicise the outcome of European Parliament vote on the matter.


The proposed EU directive would require Ireland and other EU member states to take actions to increase collective bargaining coverage. But Ireland and eight other EU member states have suggested it be demoted to the status of a ‘recommendation,’ which would mean it has no legal force.


Fórsa argues that stronger collective bargaining rights across Europe cold underpin workplace protections and better wages for working women and men. The union says international research has demonstrated that it can also improve productivity, enhance employee innovation, and deliver greater stability for businesses and their staff.


“Emerging from the pandemic, the proposed Directive could play an important role for productivity, businesses, workers, and the economy generally. Better collective bargaining coverage is also proved to help to reduce inequality and the gender pay gap,” said Kevin.


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