Fórsa raises concerns on ‘belly bins’
by Diarmaid Mac a Bhaird

Fórsa has written to Dublin City Council (DCC) requesting talks on any further roll out of solar compactor bins or ‘belly bins.’ The union has raised concerns, on health and safety grounds, about the installation process and sanitation.


The union met representatives of DCC waste management services earlier this month to raise health and safety concerns regarding the installation of the bins.


Dublin City Council is planning to roll out 100 bin units in the city, following a pilot scheme in 2016.


Tony Martin of Fórsa’s Municipal division says that further consultation on installing and maintaining the bins is required before any further roll out takes place.


Tony explained that the weight of the bin units makes the installation process difficult and potentially unsafe. 


“While we’re not opposed to the roll out of the bin units, further discussions on safety protocols, installation and maintenance are necessary to ensure adequate health and safety standards,” he said.  


Belly bins are solar powered bins which compact rubbish when it reaches a certain level, and inform waste management services when they need to be emptied. The bins are designed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional public litter bins.  

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